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Sabkuno Temari
Posting an entry :D Yay
Cause a sandstorm!
God damn.
It's barely morning and already we're having major problems.

I've just been informed, the air conditioning/heater system has been so severely damaged in battle, that no one really bothered to fix it and it just went out of comission.

Well, shit.
This is gonna be fun.

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Cause a sandstorm!
It's busy. Everyone's busy to the point where you don't see anyone until you get home, grab a cup of tea and drop on your bed, dead as a doornail. I mean, you do see people, you talk to them, but it doesn't register until you are no longer moving and your conscience is about to shut off then you realize "Hey, I spoke to so and so today, ..how did that go?"

As I've mentioned our village is in ruins. A lot of people are dead, most of them are shinobi we'll never replace. Good people, loyal to their village, families, traditions. Good people that are in fact, in short supply in the world. We haven't had a mass funeral yet, but I'm assuming that's yet to come as soon as we can come up for a breather.

Palace is rather a mess right now - Some of the rooms the ones used to house guests have been really damaged. We're working to repair them as soon as we can, but our shortage of capable hands is very, and I DO MEAN very obvious. My brother has managed to provide the accomodations for the Leaf ninjas though - unfortunately right now - neither the Leaf team nor Gaara's siblings have a good place to live in. For example, last night I had to sleep on the couch, in the living room while Kankuro occupied the window still on the opposite end of the room. We still are not talking to each other but I guess it's for the best.

Sakura-chan, as a medic, has been given her own room - it's what used to be Gaara's room. She, of course, was very adamant about not taking it - but we all insisted. She's one of our valuable sources and she cannot be inconvinienced not to get a good night rest. Many lives depend on her ability to have a good night sleep and thus finally, the four of us, Gaara, Kankuro, Sasuke and myself have talked her into occupying Gaara's room, but NOT before her putting up a very admirable fight. Kakashi-san, Naruto-baka and Sasuke have been given a choice to sleep wherever the heck they feel like (well, certain areas are off limits, of course) and from what I hear none of them are complaining about their accomodations.

I'm beginning to like Sakura-chan - she seems one of those selfless people who'd work their hands to the bone for the benefit of others. I cannot say I can identify with her good will - the only people for whom I'm willing to sacrifice myself would be my brothers...but I guess it comes with being a doctor. One thing though... she seems that every time her and I talk she has these questions ready to be asked, but she always bites her tongue and says nothing.

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Cause a sandstorm!
Thanks to Sakura-chan, my wounds feel better. Getting proper nurishment helps too. We've swept through the village, clean up crew is finishing the work for us. What can I say, Orochimaru doesn't do anything half assed. It's good to be home, even though home reminds me of a war zone now that I think of it. My room - everything has been turned over - no doubt Kabuto laid his hand here. Of course, who ELSE would know all the intimate things about it...after all, he's the one who used to visit it all the times. The hidden compartment in the wall, next to my bed ripped out. Letters and some of family memorabilia spread on the floor, as if to mock me. That's not the biggest concern though - right now the village is in shambles. We have to work really hard to restore what was once a peacefull environment, figure out who was the leak, punish all those responcible.

Gaara has requested from Tsunade that Sasuke's team stay here - we could REALLY use the help of Tsunade's trainee. Our medics are in short supply here, and the ones that are working full time, they're working till exhaustion. There ARE a lot of wounded, and a lot of those who need to be taken care of. We could also use someone of the blond baka-mouth and Uchiha's talents - both the sanity and witts are in short supply here.

The Jounins, I'm assuming are going to go back soon - their mission of successfully finding the Kazekage has ended, and I am sure Tsunade has other things for them to do back at their home village. I can't say I'm not gratefull for their assistance, I am. Very much so.

My brother, the middle one, and I are on non-speaking terms. IN fact, as far as I am concerned - I only have ONE brother. Apparenly, I've been told to take my relations and concern for him and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. I've also been blamed for looking like HER, even though I still fail to understand how it is MY fault. But whatever - Kankuro is no longer a child and I think he doesn't need me, nor has he ever. So, whatever. There are some things I don't forgive. No matter who says them.

Not surprisingly the Council is dead. Well, most of it anyway - those who were freed from the prison requesting the emergency meeting with the Kazekage. Things are a mess right now, but we've been through worse. At least our Kazekage isn't dead - which is what's most important.Gaara, I need to speak to you.

As soon as possible, hopefully.

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Cause a sandstorm!
I know your game, I know you and I am very well aware of your plans.
Keep in mind - I'm going to pay you back for EVERY bit of pain my brother suffered ten fold. And not even that senile, old fart will be able to protect you from my wrath. If you know me, and I think you know me well enough - you know I don't waste my time threatening people and making empty promises. Learn to sleep with one eye opened and breathe out of your ears, because, Kabuto, I'm going to be the one who rips your heart out of your chest.

Even if it'll cost me my life, even if it'll be the last thing I ever do - I'm going to pay you back for this.

I remember very well what you said to me, that you're going to enjoy the torture even if I tell you nothing.
You're no longer human in my eyes.

Enjoy every moment you have and live it like it's your last.
I promise you, Kabuto - your death will come from my hands.

Make no mistakes about it...
I'll be seeing you later.

All you are is dust in the wind...

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Sun hurt my eyes. They began watering after so long in a damp room, with no lightning at all. Hot, scolding air felt so good against my skin, sending shivers down my spine. Wind, smell of the dry foliage and fresh cactus water - it all made my head spin. My wrists are swollen and I think a few ribs are broken - but it matters not. As soon as I saw him...

I knew Gaara would come back for us. Not for a moment had I doubted that, even if he were to come back alone - he wouldn't leave his kin like this. I knew it, and all those in our village who called him a monster - they got proven wrong. He's not. I ran to him, as fast as my legs could carry me and gave him a hug.

The rest of the day was all blurred. My head swims occassionally I don't know why. I've got to tell Gaara about Yanagi but I cannot speak to him until the leaf ninjas leave.

As Sakura-chan was treating Kankuro's injuries (And Kankuro, of course, NEVER makes it easy on ANYONE, EVER)I sat next to Gaara. From the looks of it, Gaara caught on pretty quickly - that it wasn't Otaro whatever his name is, that it was indeed Sasuke. Duh. I have no clue how his teammates didn't see it - if I did, anyone should have. I had to tell Gaara a few things..personal things for which Kankuro got on my case because he thought my face changed colors...or something.

I don't know. I have to keep him out of trouble, despite the fact that he hates me for whatever it is that I've done.

Private to GaaraCollapse )

Private to KankuroCollapse )

Private to SasukeCollapse )

I was trying to get some time to clear my head but of course the Uchiha, who, somehow got an idea that I need protection decided to follow me as I looked for Kankuro. Fine. That’s perfectly fine. Quite frankly I’m not in the best shape of my life as of this moment. Then, of course, his teammate shows up and starts shouting at the top of his lungs about us holding hands…What? Holding hands with who? Sasuke? Is this kid purposefully trying to give me a bigger headache or is he just really THAT stupid? All I really wanted to get some time to find my brother and just SIT DOWN in peace and quiet and THINK. Then, of course, Iwashu-san gets involved with all the shouting and then Kakashi-san too and everyone’s insistent on how I am in “no shape to go anywhere”. Then ..the guy who judged our chuunin exams after that other leaf ninja was killed by Baki – don’t EVEN get me started.

Gaara, of course, takes off to go and clean up the village. Gaara…

Uchiha, I need to see you in private. There are a few things we must discuss.

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It seemed like an eternity.
I don't know why. Well, actually I do, but I choose to ignore that tight feeling in my stomach. This morning, I've heard no annoying guard arguing behind the door who is to come in and bring us supplies. It was silent. Completely and utterly silent.

The stillness around us alarmed me - what the hell is going on around here? I woke up Kankuro and put my ear to the door - nothing. Not even the hollow echo of the watchman's footsteps - nothing. The dungeon was completely silent and still.

Kankuro slumped against the wall - despite the healing, he's still not well. He's still pretty weak and has these spells that take most of his energy. I sat next to him, in attempts to comfort him but only received

"I'm fine, Temari."

Well. At least i got a thank you.

I was dying to know what was going on, but I had to curb my curiosity and wait until some sort of an idnication of movement appeared.

I didn't have to wait long..

Apperance of the knight in shining armorCollapse )

The only thing separating us from freedom are a few more meters of solid wall and hallways.
I can't wait..

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Cause a sandstorm!
It’s been how long? I don’t have an idea. I’ve lost most track of time inside this cell. Every day is long, and every night is painful. I sleep very little now, the pain in my stomach from lack of food keeps me awake most of the night. They bring us water though, once a day and we have to ration it. You can’t exactly drink yourself full in these conditions but I refuse to complain about it.

My brother became even more withdrawn, and I cannot say I blame him. I’m surprised he still wants to see my face after what I put him through. He’s stated many times he is not angry at me, but I don’t know how I can believe that. If I try to make a conversation he shrugs me off – as if I were a stranger. Kankuro is very complicated – although none of my family members were easy to live with, ya’know – but this is one of the way he deals with life. He doesn’t let anyone close to him, besides Gaara and me and now I’ve been cast to the “outsiders” list.

I’m not angry. It hurts me to know he hates me, but again – I am not angry. He keeps on sitting in the corner, staring at the door. Every now and then he’d acknowledge that I’m also present in this cell and his silence is much worse than if he was yelling at me. He stopped responding to “little brother”. It is as if he no longer deems me worthy to be one blood with him.

I know I betrayed him. I should have told Orochimaru what he wanted to know and didn’t allow Kankuro to go through all of that. I don’t blame him for hating me; I don’t blame him for feeling betrayed. I am sure my life is going to end in death at some point soon and in a way I am a bit glad. I am the eldest, and my job was to keep this family together. Instead, I just broke it. I am responsible for all of this mess; I am responsible for his pain and inevitably Gaara’s situation.

It is what it is, Kankuro used to tell me when I’d bitch about something. I am doubtful my shinobi pride and honor was worth loosing my kin.

It is what it is, little brother.
I am sorry.
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It's been what..two days?
I don't know, I've lost count. We've been left alone for the most part - and every now and then I'll hear excited voices on the other side of the wall. Screams, too. I know theyr'e torturing prisoners - there's absolutely no doubt about that.

I haven't seen four - eyes as of late, not that I want to see him.
Kankuro is avoiding me and whenever I try to talk to him he tells me he's in too much pain to talk. I know he is but...

It makes me kind of afraid..
I don't know what they're going to do to us next...

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Cause a sandstorm!
On wed, I'd like to have the mods show up for the mod meeting.
Somewhere between 7pm - 1 am would be nice.
Cali time.

Cause a sandstorm!
When I woke up this morning, my head was blank like a sheet of paper. I could hardly remember events preceeding to last night and can you imagine my surprise when I realized what has awakened me.

Kankuro sat next to me, shaking my shoulder.
"Temari..wake up..TEMARI."

I rubbed my forehead - my mind hazy like nothing else.
"Kankuro...you're well..." I responded. "I must be dead."
He rolled his eyes.
"You're not dead. I'm not well. I'm just okay enough to move."
He looked away.

My heart stopped. The hazy mind, the blank space instead of memories - all of that made sense. Suddenly, I was afraid. I turned to Kankuro and squeezed his arm.

Kankuro winced.
"Nee-chan...you're hurting me."
I relaxed.
"Sorry. What did he do to me?"
"Nothing..he just came in here and did some medical stuff...and that was it."
"Then why can't I remember anything pretaining to last night?"
He shrugged.
"I don't know. I think he said something about you being too tired and non responsive and no fun..I don't know."

I narrowed my eyes.
Now, I'm pretty good at telling when people lie to me. When it comes to my brothers - it's nearly impossible for them to lie to me. I know Kankuro perhaps better than he knows himself - and I could tell he wasn't telling me the truth. There was something about him..something that made me even more uneasy.

I swallowed hard, my hands starting to grow cold.
"..Kankuro...I...." I stopped, not having enough breath to finish that sentance. "I..didn't...."
He understood me perfectly and despite of how much of an excellent shinobi he is he cannot fool me. Something in his eyes was different...He strained a smile.
"Not that I'm aware of."

I covered my face with my hands.
That's as good as either "yes" or "I don't ant to talk about it"
Kankuro..you're ambiguity is killing me...

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They finally brought us water. It was colder than the temperature was in the room I can tell you that much. But they brought a lot of it. Oh my god a whole bucket! Although I can drink it all right now, I didn't touch a single drop. They also brought food and some fever reducing and healing medication - I am not too sure why are they being so "kind" to us. The guard threw the pack at me, but I caught it, even though he probably didn't wish to be so "nice".

I used some of the material from my jacket to carefully wash most of Kankuro's wounds. I had to strip him off his clothing, down to his shorts so I could see all the damage done. Oh god.. I've washed the wounds out and bandaged them along with the medicine for the wounds. I'm not a good nurse, but I am a good older sister, so something as simple as this is not that difficult. Once that was done, I poured some water into a little cup and forced Kankuro to drink it. He wasn't too responsive, becuase he said "Yes, mom." Once he drank a few cups - i'm carefull not to give him too much water, otherwise he'll throw up - I tried to make him eat but he couldn't swallow a single bite. So I soaked bread in water until it was soggy and then made it into a mush and made him drink it. That went down much better than trying to give him a piece to chew.

After the cold compress on his forehead he seemed to have quieted down just a little bit. He's breathing slightly better and his fever has gone down a lot. Not completely down yet, but a lot. He's still unconcious...

he scares me.
He calls to mom all the times. At one point, when I was trying to feed him he asked her not to go and leave him alone...

And I broke down.
Oh god...Kankuro..

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Cause a sandstorm!
It’s about a hundred and fifty degrees in here.
Low solid stone does not allow for much of ventilation, nor does it rescue us from humidity. It’s like being sealed in an air-tight container that barely has enough oxygen for our starved lungs.

I know the palace like the back of my hand, all the alleyways and entries, but it seems that Kabuto has done a great deal of studying it too. When I looked out the window this morning I’ve realized I’m staring at the gray back wall of the garden. Yeah, we are in the eastern wing cell. This is the older part of the building, one wall of which is a solid granite and the others are positioned in such a way that is surrounded by the double jointed walls of the garden.

On top of everything these assholes left us with absolutely no food or water at our disposal. When I awakened with the first light of the sun – the window of this cell, by the way, is located right in the middle, and instead of being round it is big and square – I’ve realized how hot it was. My lips stuck together and my tongue attached to the roof of my mouth with the dried saliva.

Wounded and heat do not go together and by midmorning Kankuro was in high fever. He wasn’t coherent when I was trying to talk to him, his heavy and quick breathing followed the streaks of sweat rolling down his forehead as he shook. I prodded him and all I could gather was “Cold..so..cold.” It’s a 150 F in this room.

I needed to place cold compress over his forehead to keep him at least somewhat comfortable as he was burning up. There was no water left in the room – for which I wouldn’t really care if it wasn’t for him. I knocked on the door and demanded for water.

On the other side I’ve been told, in quite the rude words, to go to hell. I was pissed off to say the least. But did I mention that having no or very little use of one of my arms it was quite difficult to try to break the door down. Besides, I already knew that’s not really possible unless I had some sort of an exploding note, which I didn’t. It took several tactics until one of the sound ninjas responded. Who knew that the best strategy would be to goad them into submission by insulting their manhood.

Someone overcompensates, I see.

I knew that perhaps I was biting off more than I could chew, with only one arm to use and more than enough exhaustion to go around for the five of me – but if fighting was the ONLY way I could get that stupid bookworm’s attention than fighting it was going to be. Sound ninja burst into the room with a whistle that nearly deafened me and while I was immobilized he seemed to think that I couldn’t punch back. To which I proved him wrong.

It probably wouldn’t have gone so well if Kabuto didn’t show up. Ugh. I can’t stand the sight of him; however, beggars can’t be choosers.

“What you can’t wait until breakfast?” He asked with his usual annoying demeanor.
“I WOULD if this asshole didn’t try to FORCE himself on me” I responded. Kabuto’s eyes had an unhealthy glint to them. Well, nice to know he still gives a fuck. Although vision was brief for just a moment, he did manage to knock the guard out.

“I need water.” I stated. He just laughed.
“You get everything when we say so. You eat, drink and breathe at our mercy.”
“Just shut up and bring me water, asshole.” I demanded ignoring his self elevating speech. “My brother needs it…”
He turned around.
“You are so used to people catering to your every whim, Princess. You just have to be patient.”
His arrogance was making me see red. I twitched and clenched my fists. Swallowing my pride I attempted to do a new tactic on him.
“Kabuto, would you please get me some water?”
He dismissed me with a wave of a hand.
“I’ll send someone here with something…edible.” He replied, enjoying every second of it. Well, you know what? FUCK YOU!
“I don’t NEED your food, nor do I NEED your company!” I threw it back in his face.
He just laughed.

The door slammed shut behind him and I retrieved back to the spot against the wall, attempting to help my brother as much as I could.

God, I need a plan.

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Cause a sandstorm!
I'm broken.
In half. My face, hands, my clothes is covered in my brother's blood. His rugged breathing feels like someone is dragging a knife down my skin, slicing away. Oh, how I wish it was MY body on trial here. I wish, that I would have taken time to learn how to heal - nurture the little talent I have - but now it is too late. All I can do is clench him close to me and tell him it'll be okay.

Will it be?
I don't know. The moment Kabuto presented me with the "ace up their sleeve" was the moment they broke me. Baki! You told me you'd save him! How..

Coarse throat from screaming, right shoulder dislocated - Kabuto had to restrain me, twice - I wouldn't let them hold me down. My hands chained to the wall, but do you think that'd stop me? No. I jerked forward so hard, I heard a snap - that was definately one of my shoulders, but I felt no pain. Again, and again, I ripped through the boundaries of flesh, metal and concrete I paid no mind to burning sensation spilling through my body. All I wanted to do was to get to him, to shield him.

Kankuro, I am so sorry.
I wish we were different and it wasn't the village on the line. Innocent people will die, Gaara - our Kazekage, the one we swore to protect to our last dying breath. I am so sorry. Tell me you wish me to say something, and I'll tell them the name. To hell with everything - I can't watch you in so much pain.

What has he done to you, little brother? How much more can you take of this?
But your stare, even through unimaginable pain stayed stoic. Oh god, Kankuro. I am so sorry.
It is all my fault, everything is my fault and now I have no idea how to protect you from what I have done.

I played a dangerous game and now presented with a checkmate all I can do is watch you suffer and watch him do that to you, with that sadistic grin on his face. He's enjoying it, I know he is. He told me so himself.

I believed I was the only one they captured. Foolish I am, trusting in Baki's words. I am not exactly sure of what has happened but Kabuto spared no expense of enjoying himself in this sick little game. I wouldn't have cared what they'd do to me - he knew that, he knew that too well. The button of submission on me are my brothers and he is not afraid to use it.

The moment I saw Kankuro was the moment the whole world came crashing down onto me. They dragged him in and threw him on the floor - beaten, bloodied and unconcious. I have no idea of how but I didn't have the time to think about that. He was there, my little brother, he laid before my eyes and I understood what Orochimaru was talking about.

I jerked forward, screaming.
"KANKURO!!" but my restrains held me tight. I gave Kabuto a glare full of hate, which is about the only thing I could do. "Touch him and you'll be so sorry.." I hissed. He smiled. That smile pierced me, like a thousand needles all aiming for my heart.

"So. You do seem to have a weak spot, kukuku" Orochimaru responded, watching me, amused. I took in a sharp breath of air and focused all of my hatred on Kabuto.

"Oh, I think we'll be satisfied.." He stated, moving so close to me, pretending to fix one of my restrains.

"I know I'll be satisfied even if you tell me nothing." He stated, tone curt the gaze behind those glasses sharp as steel. Foolishly, I searched for a drop of humanity in his eyes - but to no avail. Void of all feelings, just deep satisfaction of what was about to happen. I knew, at that moment I knew - he would make sure Kankuro suffered.

I don't remember how many hours the tortures lasted. I don't remember screaming myself coarse to the point where I started spitting blood. I guess at some point they got tired, or less amused much to Kabuto's dissatisfaction - although I'm sure he could go at it all night. With a motion of a hand Kankuro, unconcious and barely breething, was freed as both of us were thrown in a cell and locked.

I took off my jacked, ripping it to shreds - bandaging some of his wounds. Raising my brother's head and placing it on my lap - I used the rags to clean up his face and take a better look at his wounds. Whatever I had of my chakra and my completely inane ability to use it I spent. All I can feel now is his chest, rising and falling and the words I'm whispering without really believing..

"It'll be okay..I promise.."

Oh god no...
Not again..

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Cause a sandstorm!
I rushed here.
My home. When I passed the village's gates, I knew immedeately something was up.
Two giant snakes were destroying the buildings, as the noise rose in the thick air. People screaming, fighting, dieing.

I knew where I had to go and that was the palace. Where my brothers were. Where Gaara and Kankuro were fighting. I passed through the rows of the Sound ninjas, as they tackled some of the Sand jounin in a deadly struggle. I thought I saw a glimpse of the silver hair, and the round, comical glasses but it occured to me I must have been seeing things. I had no doubt that sunuvabitch Kabuto would be here - but being HERE in the midst of all the fighting? Whatever shall Orochimaru do without his wet nurse for a few moments?

I couldn't see what was going on in the building that was surrounded by the sound. I perched myself on the edge of the building and gathered most of my chakra. I saw Kankuro and he signaled the sand Shinobi to get the hell away from the windows. I summoned Itachi and unleased the wind.

Unfortunately, I used a lot of my chakra to do that. The defenses were cut to peices, and those who were still whole were burried underneath heavy boulders of a part of a building that came down crashing atop of them. I darted quickly towards the Sand forces as they made their way out, finishing those who were unconcious.

"Missed me?"

Gaara was all right. Kankuro was too. Baki was not - but he told me not to care.
"We have another squad fighting to the south, we need to get them out." He barked. "Kankuro!"
My brother saluted to him.
"Aye aye."
It's no time for jokes like that but it's Kankuro. He always has time for jokes. I wanted to give him a hug, but god knows it's impossible when you're trying to avoid having your head bashed in by a weapon.

Before us, more sound ninjas. What the FUCK are they doing here? WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM US? We formed a circle, Gaara on the inside (much to his protests) us on the outside, Baki next to me.
"Temari" His voice was very low. He looked around to make sure that Gaara was too busy concentrating on shielding us with sand and not listening to our conversations.
"We need to get Gaara out of here."
I couldn't agree more.
"We have a plan, but it requires a diversion."
He stared at me for a moment. His eyes solemn and empty. It took me a second to catch up but my heart froze for a moment.
He shook his head.
"I will stay, but you have to.."
I interrupted him.
"No, Baki-sensei. You can't. You can't and you know it. I'll stay."
We shared silence, hoping Gaara didn't hear.
"Temari. You know what this means, right?"
I looked over my shoulder at my brother. My little baby brother who was now a Kazekage. A man I swore to protect on my life. Right now, it didn't matter whether or not I was his sister. I was a shinobi first and foremost. It was my choice. My sacrifice.
"Yes. I know." I looked at Baki. "Promise me, promise me on my mother's grave that you will save both Gaara and Kankuro. PROMISE ME!"
He nodded, swallowing hard.
"I swear. On my honor."
"Then lets do this thing."

It's been seventeen years. But at that moment, it seemed like it has only been seventeen seconds. Knowing ahead of time that I was seeing them both for the last time in my life grabbed me by the throat. Sure. Every time I went on a mission I knew I was going to probably not come back. But this was different. I stared at Gaara as we re-grouped, according with the plan. Gaara motioned for me to come with, but I shook my head. He turned to Baki ordering something. Baki replied. Gaara gave me another glare and reluctantly turned away.

I love you, little brother. Remember that.

I couldn't see Kankuro, and despite what was about to happen my heart was calm and my head was clear. If it meant saving their lives I would lay mine on the line any day. I am their older sister, it is my job. My sacred duty.

I fought until my legs couldn't hold me anymore and I had to lean on the iron dragon to support myself. Our forces retrieted to re-group - the Council's betrayal caught us unaware. Sound ninjas were pouring out like rats, from every hole and soon, I was surrounded and alone.


He made his way through the crowd, cocky and oh-so-sure of himself. He was sent to retrieve Gaara, I know he was. I couldn't fight Kabuto, that much I knew, but it no longer mattered. Gaara and Kankuro were out of their reach. What would happen to me was less important, if important at all.

"You really are something." He stated, pushing his glasses up his nose. "You can barely stand and yet you're still trying to fight. Why don't you just have a seat?"

I laughed at him.

"I will fight until I'm dead" I replied. "I'm still not dead. You won't get Gaara, I promise you that much."

His smile broadened, the glint of his glasses covering his eyes. Yeah. I know how sick and twisted he is, and I know just how deep the rabit hole that used to be his soul, goes. His grin made me weak at the knees and not in a good kind.

"I'll tell you what." He was mocking me. "I haven't had a single fight today. I'll give you a free shot." He spread his arms, opening his chest for an attack. "Come on. Hit me."

I'm not the girl who'd wait for a second invitation. I lunged at him, but he was quicker. All I could see was movement out of the corner of my eyes as needles pierced the back of my legs, rendering them numb and leaving me without any support.


Then, just to prove how much of a sick and twisted bastard he was, he messed with my chakra. I struggled, but to no avail. The more time he spent with me, the farther were Gaara and kankuro. For that, I'd dance on the hot coals of hell for all eternity. Barefoot.

He was still smirking when he restrained me and it ammused me to think that when he finds out that I"m the ONLY one who was left in the nest he wouldn't be so god damn fucking cocky. I couldn't help but smile.

"Don't be so happy." He stated. "Your brothers are on the way here, right about now."
I laughed and spat at his face.
"Look around you, moron." I taunted him. "I'm all that's left. I wonder what your boss would do to your behind when he finds out how foolishly you have fallen for our little trick."

His eyebrows met at the bridge of his nose and I swallowed my pulse. He frightened me. But I would not let him have the upper hand.

"What's the matter, I struck a nerve?"I asked. "I advise you to kill me now, because I will not help you and that freak of nature. No matter what you do."

"We'll see about that." He hissed, softly. One of the Sound ninjas put his hand on my shoulder and I bit him. He backhanded me into a wall so hard I could taste the blood in my mouth.

"Don't fucking touch me, again." I growled and Kabuto motioned to the ninja to leave me alone. We walked towards the corridor and then out to the street. Sidewalks, littered with bodies - civilians cowering in fear. The escort around me tightned the circle as we walked to the palace.

I can't say I'm looking torward the future, but I can say one thing.
If I had to do it again, I would do it in a heart beat.

Stress Level: blank blank

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Sometimes no matter how fast you run you can never outrun the turn of events.
You have to rest, sometimes even I have to rest because my strength is no more.
But when I sleep, all I dream is my home, my brothers - HOW COME I"M NOT THERE YET!!!

Sunuvabitch he wouldn't dare...would he?
He would. I know he would. Godhelpme.

Frightening. God. This stress and insomnia are scary, scarier than anything I"m fearing to find once I return.

gaara, kankuro, please be all right!
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Sasuke. I hate to say it, but I think you're right.
Well, correction. I think both of us are right. It's not one twin - it's both of them.
Unfortunately - you and I are not capable of dealing with both gangs at the same time, unless we implement some sort of a strategy. Here's what I propose. We off both of the leaders, lure them into a clearing, not too far from our camp and then kill them. That'll be easier.

We can make out afterwards

Stress Level: crappy crappy

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We need to resolve this now or I am going to have to kill the stubborn Uchiha (the last Uchiha, shall I say) and move on. The winds carry bad news, bad bad news and if only this idiot for a ninja did not happen to choose a target that is completely opposite from mine we'd be done and over with.

He says he has a good sense, but we all know how his last good sense adventure ended up.

Stress Level: cranky cranky

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Let it be a lesson to all of you, you stubborn assholes.
If I say I'll break you, then I mean I will break you. Pride or no pride you will not get away with your dignity intact, I can promise you that. So, perhaps next time you LISTEN to what I say instead of pretending that you know it all.

Example one.
Uchiha, Sasuke.
He now answers to the word "slave" with the words "Yes Mistress".
The most proud man in Konoha kneeled before me IN PUBLIC. Yeah. That's right. IN. PUBLIC. I don't claim to be nice, and once I get my hands around your throat - don't expect me to fake. So now, I have a slave.
His duties include, massaging my feet after that awfully long walk on the straight road.
Kissing ALL of my toes, one by one - YEAH you heard me right. MY toes.
Sleeping on the floor, like a GOOD puppy that he is and...

Dun dun dun.

Shaving his head.
Next time, boys, don't do what Sasuke did and Do NOT argue with me when I say it's THIS way than it MEANS IT IS THIS WAY, STUPID.

On the other news, I'm going to go home soon. The gangs are on the move.
OH, SLAVE!! *shakes her empty glass*
I need another drink.

Stress Level: accomplished accomplished

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I would drop everything that I"m doing, and go back home.
The rumors that carry with the wind disturb me and I'm growing more and more agitated with the second. There's nothing out there that can worry me more than my little brother, alone without me. But my orders were clear - THIS ..this mission of ME stuck in the forest with Sasuke is important. And although I fully comprehand the means of such desperate measure, a part of me can't stop worrying about it. I can't stop thinking and itching to just go back.

I have to tell myself...soon it'll be over. Just a bit more. The gangs are on the move, and we - whether we like it or not, have to move with them. Aspired to what has become a reality, I wonder - is it really me?

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